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Sometimes I wonder if I really have the patience to be an author. I mean, it takes years before the ideas inside my head become a finished book available in a store. But I’ve managed so far.

I have learned that it helps to have a side project or two. Especially if it’s something that can be published the same week I get the idea. My latest side project is actually an old idea that has been collecting dust for some years now: Pesterlings.
Think fairies adapted to our modern world. There have always been mystical creatures in mythology and folklore known for making things disappear, to sour milk and generally causing mischief when their needs and habits collide with the human world. What if they are still around, interfering with our daily life?

Check out Wobble Demons, The Bumblefumblie, Tooth Gnomes, The Numbermuckler and many other Pesterlings at:


This is a collaboration between myself and the designer/illustrator Jenny Holmlund. I come up with the ideas and the writing – she designs and draws the little buggers.


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