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So. Some kind of news:

1. I’m not dead. I know that I have been VERY silent and invisible the last year or two. But life happened. Or stopped happen, more like it. But now it is moving again. Very fast. In all directions (including some not yet discovered spatial dimensions). Expect surprising things coming soon.

2. I used to have one site in Swedish and one in English. I’ve merged them into one, and the result will from now on be mostly in English. Because reasons.

3. I’m working on something. It involves several of the formats I work in. Unless I get abducted by aliens it will be finished and published after the summer. (Note the vague release date, “after the summer” could very well mean “two days before the sun dies”)

4. This was just a small update. I’ll return soon with all kind of news that will make all the clickbait on the web seem like the last weeks weather report from the Gobi desert. For constant updates, please check my FB-page and Twitter.

5. Doctor Who series 9 will begin 19th September. Why even bother about anything else..?

Listening to: iwrestledabearonce and Flor
Reading: Kelly Link: Get In Trouble
Watching: Sense8
Mood: Nervouscited